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As quoted by WHO, "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity". Being a resource for everyday life, health and wellness is a state of optimal being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual's potential as a whole. From the integration of our mind, body, and soul, wellness helps us balance all aspects of life be it physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual or even environmental.

Current Scenario

The fitness industry is flourishing with leaps and bounds. With growing awareness of health concerns, people from all areas of life have been flocking to gyms and embracing a healthy lifestyle. As stressful conditions have aggravated in most of our lives, people have incorporated various fitness regimen into their lives. To avoid stress, gyms help people to pump their stamina with a rush of adrenaline whereas, yoga helps attain balance in lifestyle.


However, the fitness industry in India could use some structure and organization with its growing clientele. The environment inside the training area and infrastructure contribute a lot to accomplish desired effects, many a time these essentials prerequisites are neglected. Sometimes there is a lack of significant factors such as certified experts, trainers and efficient administration which is of extreme importance and proves to be a big concern. The fitness industry has immense potential, provided the dynamic entrepreneurs understand growth perspective of this sector. The right choices and the perfect blend of features and facilities will help gyms across India flourish and also reap health benefits.

About Us

Welcome to HealthSutra

The inception of Health Sutra is the result of in-depth understanding and knowledge, over the years in the fitness and wellness industry. Witnessing the increasing growth and the utmost need of a professional approach to tackle the existing issues in the current fitness industry scenario has propelled us to initiate this endeavor. We possess the passion, dedication, and sincerity that are required to perform the best of our abilities. Our detailed analysis of the health industry has helped us precisely to know the pain points and we have the expertise to deal with it. We are goal oriented and insist on working methodically to attain desired results, which distinguishes us from the best in business. Our main focus is to plan the fitness arena according to the area and how it can be optimally utilized to cater every individual's workout plan. If required, we would provide the most evolved equipment of a specific brand that best suit the training of a certain body part and guide every individual to embrace fitness as a whole with effective cardio and strength training.

Key Observations

We have observed certain needs of the fitness industry.

  • Professionally run gymnasiums with certified experts, trainers and administrators are not common.
  • Gym areas are not optimally utilized with the required equipment for the total health training.
  • There is a lack of communication with the members along with research for their fitness regime and suitable equipment training.
  • Body analysis records are usually not maintained.
  • Updates on fitness logs and progress in training are not documented.

What Does Health Sutra offer?

  • We are specialists in setting up the entire fitness centre by providing all the required essentials.
  • We are well equipped to run an existing set up by making necessary alterations and provide the additions required.
  • We provide equipment manufactured by International and domestic brands which are advanced, technically sound and scientifically designed.
  • We provide an array of all round fitness programs for an overall stimulating training which includes Gymnasium, Yoga, Aerobics, Cross Fitness, Zumba and Spinning Bike to choose from.
  • More dynamic and engaging programs are incorporated in Cross Fitness, Zumba and Spinning Bike sessions, along with the provision of appropriate props and experienced trainers to make working out a more enjoyable experience that suits every individual's needs.
  • We have a team of professional fitness consultants, having experienced training from qualified Gym instructors and a holistic approach from certified Yoga teachers.
  • A panel of dieticians and nutritionists provide perfect diet plans for individuals to achieve health goals in time and according to their physical needs.
  • Experienced administrative professionals who will interact with members, to explain and help them with membership benefits, build customer relationship and help conduct a smooth functioning of the centre with coordination of all authorities, trainers, and members.
  • We are currently focusing on offering our services to clubs, corporate houses, hotels and residential society's club houses.
  • We are also open to offering our expertise and services to the entrepreneurs who foresee the potential in this booming fitness industry and are willing to invest.

What makes Health Sutra unique?

The qualities that make us unique and set us apart are:

  • Customized solutions to cater to individual needs with a balanced fitness regime to provide a timely outcome.
  • Flexible schedule to suit the complex time constraints of the members.
  • Value for time and money. We are result oriented and this reflects in our service.
  • Continuous up-gradation to monitor and ensure regular development with improvement in our service delivery.

We assure to provide personal attention by our highly qualified professionals and experts. An amicable approach to making fitness a fun activity with a relaxed atmosphere and positive vibes makes us compatible. We ensure a touch of class in our service and also an assertive approach to achieve preferred goals. Our mission is to deliver the best possible innovative fitness & lifestyle programs with a sharp focus in training and coaching in the most efficient and effective way. We strive to inspire our clients in their commitment to enhancing the quality of life. We have the vision to be the premier fitness facility across the country and provide a class apart by collaborative programming centered on the well-being of our clients. We value Leadership, Creativity, and Teamwork that shape our programs & services. Customer service, financial integrity, community partnership and professional expertise are of utmost value to us.

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